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Chiropractor Broomfield, Dr. Jake HolmanMeet Dr. Jacobe Holman

A Desire to Help Others

A career in IT left Dr. Jake wanting something more. He didn’t feel fulfilled working on computers and considered going to medical or physical therapy school. An experience at the chiropractor’s office left him feeling transformed and realized he, too, wanted to help people get better without using medication or surgery.

Dr. Jake attended Logan University outside of St. Louis, Missouri to gain a chiropractic education. While there, his wife became pregnant with their first son, experiencing discomfort and a birth that involved unplanned interventions. When the baby was just 6 weeks old, an occupational therapist said their son’s cranium was malformed and wanted to put him in a helmet.

Frightened by the idea, Dr. Jake and his wife took him to a pediatric specialist at the chiropractic college. Three months later, the occupational therapist was shocked at the changes made. The helmet was never needed.

Why We Love Seeing Moms and Kids

This experience shifted Dr. Jake’s focus of how he intended to practice. Today, at Flatirons Family Chiropractic, he concentrates on the health of expecting moms, as well as babies and children. He has trained extensively in pediatric chiropractic and is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

The additional studies Dr. Jake has taken on have left him well-versed in a broad range of techniques such as Sacro Occipital Technique®, MC2, Torque Release Technique™ and Logan Basic.

All About Family

Dr. Jake’s family-oriented life involves spending time with his wife Laura and their two young sons. They love spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors going snowboarding, hiking and boating. They’re both from our area, born and raised just a few minutes south of the practice, where Laura is the office manager.

In his spare time, Dr. Jake likes to go to Crossfit Perfectus. Flatirons Family Chiropractic is a member of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce and sponsors several local elementary schools.

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